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Libchalk Team

LibChalk is a passionate collective of educational and library professionals focused on delivering quality conduits of patron engagement. We leverage many levels of technology and couple such with the educational and professional experience we collectively possess; to implement a high-quality solution that will ensure increased patron engagement, increased brand awareness, and higher levels of engagement through existing and future patronage

The Perfect Fit

We believe in the power of libraries, the importance of education and equal access to information. We are able to offer the same level of service you expect from Amazon but with that familiar face and partner you will come to rely on.

LibChalk is an innovator in online course creation and engagement. We are focused on the success of extending continuing the library patron experience outside of the Brick and Mortar. Our goal is to provide you with up to date industry specific information delivered in a way like no other. Our principles are deeply rooted in Higher Education and we draw upon this experience to deliver content created by Industry leaders to your patrons. The end result is strengthening your brand, building consumer loyalty and driving community awareness of your unique offerings.


Rosalina Rojas

President and Co-Founder

Since her early years at IBM Rosalina has been a proponent to increasing the use of technology in education. She developed several comprehensive training programs at IBM along with various other employers that have netted her numerous awards. Rosalina built the concept LibChalk after a meeting with Brian Pichman about the need to increase utilization of technology tools within the Library industry as a means to increase engagement of employees and patrons.


Brian Pichman

Chief Education Officer

Brian Pichman has been involved in libraries all his life, from attending story hour as a kid to his first job at a public library when he was 16. Brian quickly grew into a technology innovator at the library, and automated the majority of the day to day processes to offer a seamless technology experience for staff and patrons; with little to no need for technical support. Brian then went on to build an interactive makerspace at the library. Through this experience, Brian started a collaborative platform called the Evolve Project.


Justin Denton

Chief Information Officer

Justin began innovating and expanding the possibilities of machines early on. In 2002, Justin developed the ThinkVantage Toolset at IBM which was deployed to each and everyone one of the millions of IBM machines deployed – and is still being deployed to this day. Then Justin tackled higher education as the Faculty Lead and Interim Dean for the School of Technology at Rasmussen College, winning multiple awards for his achievements in innovation within the higher education space. Justin has always taken to heart the continued evolution of implementing and teaching technology.

What We Do

We take pride in what we do so you can provide more value and services to your patrons. Let us worry about the technical stuff and you focus on providing quality service to your users and community

IT that supports institutional excellence isn’t a revolutionary concept. It’s a legitimate expectation. And outsourcing these functions to expert service providers is a legitimate option for institutional leaders seeking to improve IT. LibChalk Technology Management Services provide institutions with structured, comprehensive access to our resources and expertise. The services include dedicated leadership, flexible remote services, and access to specialists with expertise in key technologies. You can eliminate obstacles, control non-discretionary spending, and use IT more strategically to fulfill institutional priorities. With Technology Management Services, you benefit from: Flexible, capable resources: Resources scale seamlessly, provide needed breadth and depth of skill, and leverage our experience with customers and institutions. A methodology for continuous improvement: Our methodology provides service-level agreements, capture and reporting of metrics, improvement plans, and escalation processes to ensure consistent predictable performance. A flexible cost model: Our knowledge of technology management practices and our broad resource base allow us to create efficiencies that result in better performance. Together, these benefits provide a stable and predictable technology environment that supports the success of your institution and the people who depend on it to learn, grow, and thrive.

Leveraging out Enhanced Data Network capabilities we evolve the methods of web hosting and content management by providing a one stop shop approach towards your website development lifecycle. Using our in-house web engineers we provide a fresh customer centric approach towards your web needs.

Keeping your mission-critical applications at peak performance demands diligence and specialized expertise. Day-to-day management of applications and their associated operating systems and database environments can be challenging for institutions whose resources are taxed by a variety of often-competing IT priorities. With Application Management Services, LibChalk takes on the daily administration of key applications, so you can focus your IT resources on other strategic priorities. Every Application Management Services engagement is backed by a team of application experts, while a single point of contact ensures best-in-class issues management. As well, Application Management Services combine the predictability of a fixed price with the flexibility of remote, onsite, and hosted service delivery options. You can rely on Application Management Services to help you: Relieve staff from daily management headaches Redirect resources to more strategic priorities Reduce total cost of ownership Maximize performance and availability Create a more nimble, strategically oriented IT organization