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What We Do

Libchalk is the leading provider of hosting and learning management system support that is focused on providing services to libraries, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions.

Hosting Packages

We take a unique approach to providing unmatched services. In our partnership with AWS, we are able to offer the same computing power that runs the Amazon store website.  

libchalk FreeUnique offering for library students to get started with their online presence.  This service lasts for a year at no cost with discounted pricing if needed it longer.$0.00Order Now
libchalk BasicOur most basic and economical solution to libraries that need one simple webpage.  We take out the complexities of having a website and spin you up a simple page thats easy to edit and maintain.$25.00Order Now
libchalk PremiumFor clients who need more resources, power, and multiple websites.  This product also provides email solutions if needed$35.00Order Now
Advance SupportWe provide an advance level of support for clients that really need extra assistance in making things happen.  We provide up to 4 hours of support at this price.$100Order Now
ReportingIf you have to do state reporting of website views, we offer a reporting solution that provides you all the data you need for any mandated reporting you may have$50Order Now
Back UpsWe provide you the option to backup your data to an extra server – this is great if you ever make a mistake or a plugin crashes your website.  We can quickly recover your data and restore you to normal.$100Order Now

The libchalk Promise

LibChalk is an innovator in online course creation and engagement. We are focused on thesuccess of extending continuing the library patron experience outside of the Brick and Mortar.Our goal is to provide you with up to date industry specific information delivered in a way likeno other. Our principles are deeply rooted in Higher Education and we draw upon thisexperience to deliver content created by Industry leaders to your patrons. The end result isstrengthening your brand, building consumer loyalty and driving community awareness of yourunique offerings.


Advance Data Network

Our partner driven approach to providing the best in class services with optimal uptime.


Technical Support

We are experts so let us help you achieve your goals.  Bring us problems and we give solutions.



We are commited to providing you outstanding services and support for all your needs

Free 1-Click Scripts Install

We know that it can be a nightmare to install certain software – so we make it easy for you by offering management tools to do one-click installations! 













Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of the same questions. We could simply tell you “we provide the highest caliber technology solutions and services” but we find it a bit more valuable to explain HOW we do this:

With Libchalk’s SSL product we help protect and encrypt all of the internet traffic from your patron’s, confirm the sites identity, and even improve your website’s search engine ranking. In an era where people pay close attention to security it’s important to make sure your website is proudly displays the “its-safe” lock prominently present next to the URL in your web browser.

At libchalk, we take the approach of setting up the SSL certificate for you, helping you make the configuration changes on your site to accept the certificate, and keep a pulse on when the certificate needs to be renewed. 

Ever worry about not having a disaster recovery plan for your website? Libchalk offers an offsite data protection plan that ensures your critical data is backed-up to an off-site disaster recovery location. This option gives your peace of mind that your data is safe and secure and also the beginnings of your own Disaster Recovery Plan for your website.

The purpose of having a Disaster Recovery Plan for your website is to first ensure any backups are stored offsite so that systems and servers affected by the disaster can be reloaded with data in the event of a disaster, accidental error, or system crash. Sending backups off-site also ensures that there is a copy of pertinent data that isn’t stored on-site and eliminates the possibilities of having all information stored in one location. As part of this plan we perform a routine backup of your site to ensure you always have the peace of mind that your site is protected in the event of a disaster.

Libchalk offers a comprehensive website analytics package that can provide invaluableinsights into what’s happening on your website, your levels of traffi c and page engagement,and the success of your marketing campaigns. This offering will open up a variety of views thatwill give you in-depth information about your website patrons that you’ve never had before.

Libchalk highly recommends adding an advanced support package to your hosting portfolio. This service allows you to tap into the vast resources and knowledge of our support engineers. This is especially helpful during those times where you need an extra site of eyes on a problem/upgrade, someone to perform custom coding, or assistancewith the day to day management of your website. The Advanced Support Package provides you this option and more at a cost-effective rate in comparison to hiring outside contractors or additional staff to help accomplish these tasks.

We have two powerful partnerships that allow us the ability to provide enterprise level technology and services to you at no additional costs.

  • Site24x7 is leading the charge in building solutions that provide server monitoring. Site24x7 and libchalk worked together to build a very strong and powerful alertingservice that lets the engineers at libchalk know something may go down before it even impacts our end users. Through our partnership, we’ve been able to build out a monitoring service that ensures uptime by alerting our team immediately when something goes wrong.
  • Imunify 360 is the leader in server protection. They’ve graciously provided their state of the art technology to libchalk so that we may ensure your websites are secured and protected from threats. Their software is based on machine learning technology which utilizes a multi-layer approach to provide total protection against any types of malicious attacks or abnormal behavior including distributed brute force attacks.